【4/1 - 9】Dhio Meydi Permana|A Photography Exhibition "untitled."

4月1日(土)より、Dhio Meydi Permana|A Photography Exhibition "untitled."を開催いたします。

Dhio Meydi Permana(以下、Dhio)は、東京に住むインドネシア人。普段は英語講師として数多くの生徒を受け持つ彼は、自分の感情と自分自身を表現する方法として写真を撮りためています。




This photo exhibition doesn't have any title, well, kind of.

I do this exhibition as a "photo dump" event, as what most people do on social media. This is how I adapt to that new social media algorithm and trend, you know, video-oriented kind of stuff. Maybe I'm just too lazy to make videos lol (I make a whole exhibition instead).

The photos here I took over the years in Tokyo Greater Area. Oh, I think what makes them interesting is that I took them with every camera that I owned and borrowed. Yes, I used my iPhone 11, film cameras, mirrorless cameras, borrowed cameras (thank you so much), my wife's DSLRs, disposables (I can't count how many), and even my Instax. That is also the reason why the quality varies.

I don't really have a special technique for how I take my pictures, but I can guarantee you that every single photo has a story behind it or sometimes they complement each other to make a story. I take (and edit) my photos based on the current emotional state at that time, it's just how I express myself behind the camera and I think that is the most important thing (but that is also the reason why most black and white haha I'm sorry).

I try to be original, try to, because every time I take something "usual" my closest people are like "that's not your's what is that". They're the reason why I can reach this level. I can't imagine that this is my third exhibition in Tokyo (I know it's crazy right like who am I lol).

I hope you can enjoy my photos and work throughout the years here in Japan. I am so happy that I can share my emotions through my photos. It's my first-ever solo but it's not going to be my last.

Thank you.

Dhio Meydi Permana|A Photography Exhibition "untitled."

2022年4月1日(土) - 4月9日(日)

平 日:11時 - 18時
土日祝:10時 - 18時

東京都三鷹市下連雀1-16-1(井の頭公園前 / ジブリ美術館すぐ近く)

吉祥寺駅:徒歩14分 / バス5分「万助橋」下車すぐ
三鷹駅:徒歩13分 / バス4分「万助橋」下車すぐです。


Dhio Meydi Permana(ディオ)
Dhio Meydi Permana or Dhio is an Indonesian who lives in Tokyo. He graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology but never pursue a career in agriculture, instead, he became an English Teacher for Japanese people after graduating from the university until now.
His love for photography started a long time ago, but ever since he came to Japan, he uses photography as his way to express his emotion and himself.